• The Disgusting, Disturbing Reality

    The Disgusting, Disturbing Reality

    A report on Pennsylvania abortion centre reveals expired medical supplies, no record of patients receiving anaesthesia and no register nurse.

  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality

    Planned Parenthood has created an eight-minute virtual reality video called ‘Across the Line’. This computerised footage is an attempt to portray pro-life activists and campaigners in a negative, biased and falsified way.

  • Mechanical Family Planning

    Mechanical Family Planning

    The UK introducing its very own two-child policy following in China's bloodstained footsteps...

  • The Barbaric Hypocrisy

    The Barbaric Hypocrisy

    The Belfast Telegraph released a report that local pro-choice campaigner, Helen Crickard, won’t be prosecuted following PSNI abortion pill raid on March 8th, International Woman’s Day.